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A07 x Mayer Hawthorne Interview

October 22, 2009 by  
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If had all the money in the world to pick out the band I wanted they’re who I’d pick. I’m spoiled rotten right now

Andrew Mayer Cohen a.k.a Mayer Hawthorne, simply put, is a chameleon. He has a tendency to quietly blend in with the crowd. It’s possible to walk right past him and not even recognize him. Well, at least as Andrew – but when it’s time to hit the stage Mayer sets a soulful tone that wakes up the dead, and yet calms all calamities. If there’s any such thing as pure talent, Mayer fits the bill. From playing the bass guitar since age 6, to being signed after only playing 2 songs he created, this Hip-Hop DJ turned Soul Musician’s music will have you hooked from beginning to end.

A07 – So you just got off stage, how are you feeling?

Mayer – Good man, Life’s great! Just finished up the Lonely Hearts Club tour and we’re out to Europe next.

A07 – Okay, so coming out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, talk about your homes music scene and your transition from Hip-Hop DJ to 60′s soul singer…

Mayer – There’s a lot of unbelievably incredible talent in the Detroit area and I’m extremely blessed to be apart of the Michigan music scene. I couldn’t be more proud to represent. I’ve been a Hip-Hop DJ & producer for the last 12 years. I moved out to Los Angeles to pursue Hip-Hop, met Peanut Butter Wolf and wound up doing soul music. That’s just how it goes sometimes.[laughs]

A07 – Since meeting up with Wolf, how’s the relationship been with him and the record label?

Mayer – Man, Stones Throw is the greatest! They’ve always been one of my favorites even before the deal. Its incredible to be able to work with the same label as J. Dilla and more. It’s a family affair over there. We have a good time.

A07 – So what’s it like touring with Ghostface and newcomers like Fashawn?

Mayer – Incredible! This tour was amazing for me and I happy because it allowed me to get my music out to so many people and meet everybody and say what’s up!

A07 – You had quite a reaction out there tonight…You enjoy the love?

Mayer – Yeah San Diego has always been good man, I’ve had a lot of good shows out here. Definitely want to come back again.

A07 – We noticed on your Twitter that your quite fond of our local beer selections…Any specifics?

Mayer – Well there’s so many good micro-breweries out here it’s hard to say. I like how almost all the bars brew there own beer.

A07 – So how’s touring with your band?

Mayer – Its great, They’re all my favorite musicians. I mean, if I had all the money in the world to pick out the band I wanted, they’re who I’d pick. I’m spoiled rotten right now.[laughs]

A07 – So your known as an instrumentalist, is there any particular instrument you prefer to play?

Mayer – My primary instrument is the bass guitar. My father taught me how to play bass at 6. He played bass too. I always wanted to be a drummer but my parents wouldn’t let me have drum set in the house cause it made too much noise. I would sneak over to my friends house and play drums whenever I could, now drums are my favorite. But in the end they’re all important.

A07 – You know music and fashion go hand-n-hand. Are there any specific brands that you’re into?

Mayer – Well, I’m not really a brand guy. I like to flip it between future and vintage styles. I wear a lot of vintage suits but a lot of new sneakers. I basically wear whatever works, is eye catching, or classy. Stay classy San Diego!![laughs]

A07 – Thnx a lot!


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