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January has been such a wonderful month. It was truly blessing to see a bit of what I can expect for the rest of the year. As I hone in on sneaker releases, interviews, videos, traveling, photography, & and just simply preparing to do what I love, I get a little anxious about the potential to I have. But enough off that. Next month, Feb. 26th to be exact the “Playoff XIII” drops and I have to give it an official “#RoboCop”. However, this particular Air Jordan 13 actually first worn by MJ in the 1998 NBA All-Star Game. He later wore it during the playoffs of that same year. Nonetheless, its still just as beautiful and it’s only been retroed once(1997). So who’s camping/copping?

Paid Dues 2011 Lineup

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Here it is…Murs and Guerilla Union have added over 40 acts on 3 stages to join forces with previously announced headliners Mos Def and Talib Kweli as Black Star, Immortal Technique, Murs himself, and Slaughterhouse. SEE YA THEN For more information, visit: Stay connected:

Wiz Khalifa – “Roll Up”

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Here is the next track off Khalifa’s Rolling Papers which is available on iTunes February 8th. Enjoy

DL here

Smoke DZA – Uptown81 ft. Kendrick Lamar & Mara Hruby (Prod. by Hit-Boy)

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Here’s some crack from one of stoner raps front men off the T.H.C. (The Hustlers Catalog) project set to drop next month. Props to my Lil Big homie a.k.a 5’2 Giant, AO

DL Here


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Part 3 of that #Madpiff Series is here. This time PCH brings on King Choosey to rip apart this one. Enjoy and stay tuned for pt 4….Peace…#SDshit

DL here


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So I was on NikeTalk this morning and stumbled upon something very important. The Concord is officially confirmed this year. #RoboCop!!!!!! Matter of fact these get a #ExtraMegaRoboCop!!!!! Now I seen some cats saying these will drop in October. Well don’t get your hopes up b/c October 1, 2011 is “First Offer” date, which has to do with retailers and their orders. GP (general public) will probably be able to cop in December like the cool greys and space jams so again, don’t get your hopes up. But hey, at least they’re confirmed.

Pac Div – Anti-Freeze

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Another new joint from Pac Div. This joint won’t be on that Mania project which should be dropping anytime soon. I’m looking for it. Instead, its going to be on Grown Kid Syndrome. I might be hittin L.A to interview them soon…Stay Tuned

DL here

PCH – “Pressure” + “Raid”(downloads)

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Here are the first two tracks from the MADPIFF THE MUSIC SERIES project. If you don’t know now you do so dont sleep. These joints first broke on our sister site The-Blurbs(waddup doe!) as they describe the series as:

MADPIFF is on its way and if you’re wondering what it is exactly, its something that isn’t easy to explain. Summing it up into one word, I’d have to use the term complex. Its not a mixtape and certainly not an album, but a conjunction of 3 or 4 albums all produced by Madlib. If you don’t know who Madlib is, start your research

Download: “Pressure”


“THE VOLITION ERA” Art Show @ Thumbprint Gallery 2/12/11

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If your one of those people that appreciates art then you don’t want to miss the Volition Era Art Show Feb. 12th, as the Thumbprint Gallery will host new works by our friend Jordan Josafat & Senz Wen. Jordan plans to feature 5-6 large pieces, 4-5 medium sized pieces, a few framed wood panels, 40+ 8×10 matted & framed watercolor sketches, and more if possible.

Thumbprint Gallery
2637 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104

February 12th – March 6th
Opening: February 12th 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Custom Air Jordan III Inspired OLYMPUS PEN E-PL2

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James of Hong Kong just worked for the latest Olympus E-PL2 campaign in HK and had the assignment designing a new look for the camera. So he took inspiration from his favorite shoe? That’s right the Air Jordan III which just so happens to release tomorrow 1/22/11, was the motive behind the design. A masterpiece I must say. Here’s how it was done:

-Step One: Mask the rest of the body with masking tape
-Step Two: spray the grey paint on the grip, TAMIYA COLOR TS-81(recommended). Unmask the tapes and you can see the rest of the body is fine, so be careful and make sure you cover up the rest of the camera body well
-Step Three: after the paint dried, use some small tip pen to draw those black lines, GUNDAM MARKER GM01(recommended)
-Step Four: Just add some red GUNDAM MARKER GM07(recommended)


*I would personally like to thank James for this idea. Being a professional photographer and passionate sneakerhead is a really odd combo. I’m a Nikon shooter but this Olympus E-PL2 will be added to the arsenal.

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