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Michael Morales (Photographer)

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I’ve been running into a lot of amazing photographs shot by Michael so I thought I would get to know him a little deeper and introduce his art to the world. He’s a very inspiring person.

Nothing can prevent your picture from coming into concrete form except the same power which gave it birth – yourself.” – Genevieve Behrend

Who/or what inspires you?

- What inspires me is my mother and father, Watching them work hard to provide for us when we were kids and still working hard till this day. I cant see anyone in a greater way other than my mother and father.

What’s your story? where are you from?

- I’m a person from lower/middle class who seen it all and been through it all, from being raised in Los Angeles, (Compton, 68th street) to residing now in Fontana Ca, I’ve came from almost making my life with another career and quickly vanished. Being dragged through the mud to loving life now, my life has been through more than being able to fit in this interview.

What brought you to photography and how did you get where you are now?

- A rough time in my life where i felt like everything and everyone around me had failed and gave up on me, so one day i picked up my casio 5mp digital camera and started taking photos to express what i felt… and being able to view things in a different way a few months later i decided to invest every penny i had and also with the help of my mother to purchase my first camera. after that i move to Las Vegas where i worked and photography was being just left to the side because i wasnt given any opportunities to show my ability even if i was new and didnt know anything about working a DSLR. So thanks to Vita and Irma my first 2 models who gave me a chance to take their photos and ran with it from there in late 08 early 09 i believe. To get where i am now is just dedication and a lot of hard work which includes sleepless nights and a lot of reading online and DIY projects; i am a self-taught photographer and at the moment even thought im doing what i love im no where were i want to be with it. 2yrs in im still new and have a lot to work on.

What was the hardest part in this field?

- The hardest thing i would say is getting that respect and chance to prove what you are capable of, a lot of people are always low balling you or making you feel like your nothing. So many people with Egos ! Other than that it really doesnt matter those are just things ive seen and experienced but no matter how great they feel they are or how little they try to make me feel, im not stopping what im doing for no one! Yesterday i didnt need them and today im continuing without them so tomorrow ill be great person.

What’s your main focus when it comes to a shoot?

-It’s to capture the clients or projects concept or ideas in a image… being able to fill up a blank screen with what they have envisioned in their mind.

What/who do you like to shoot the most?

- I love to travel and freelance; nothing more beautiful than capturing natures & humans creations… as well as i love to shoot portraiture, which involves me capturing the persons genuine personality in a photograph.

What’s the most important detail to you when it comes to a shoot?

-Make the subject which is the model feel comfortable like youve known them for years and make them smile, laugh feel amazing. Thats when you capture the most natural photographs, second to that always be prepared for the unthinkable be able to work around any situation.

Where do you see yourself in the future, 2 years from now?

-I see myself capturing amazing photographs with in time be a published photographer and growing my vision expanding the horizon.

What do you encourage?

-To continue whatever it is that you love, people will tell you, you wont become anything in life and what your doing is worth nothing. Your also going to fail; but thats what should push you to become greater! nothing is supposed to be done in a specific way, theirs no rules to being great at what you do it all comes from the heart and your dedication & passion for it. you are the soul creator of your journey in life you make it what it is, not others.

any last thoughts?

-Never stop, and live someone else’s dream… believe in yourself or no one else will.

-Michael Morales
Michael Morales Photography

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