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Belo Nightclub wants “No Black People Period” inside their club

August 3, 2012 by  
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If you haven’t already heard or read on up the latest local drama this morning, San Diegans of all shades are currently in outrage after a recent screenshot of a text conversation was recently leaked and hit the web. With what appears to be an obvious dislike and bansihment towards African Americans, the conversation comes from someone by the name of “Doug” who is allegedlly affiliated with one of San Diego’s most popular night spots, Belo Nightclub. Belo is no stranger to attention after multiple years of incidents, most recently for being ripped for what happened at the 2chainz concert. As you can see the conversation starts with a request to “Limit The Black People!!!” but then takes and unexpected turn when the demand changes to “No Blk People Period”. As a proud Black man, father, and friend, I can definitely say anger reaches it’s climax as I read on – although I have hosted, shot, co-promoted, and even been kicked out of Belo, I am not going to pass judgement on Belo or “Doug” right away. All the facts aren’t there and since that’s the case rather than looking for someone to be angry at, I have decided to take upon myself to do a little research on this. I admire the attempts on trying to hide “Doug’s” identity as well, but his contact number is clearly visible which should make it easy for the his remarks to be clarified which is what I plan to do. I also plan on going to get some answers from Mike Viscuso(owner) and/or Crystal Higgins(sale exec.). They are all about their image so a little bit of positive PR to clear this issue up shouldn’t be problem, right? If “Doug” is legit, he’ll probably lose his job before you finish reading this post and Belo will issue a statement of a denial of affiliation longer than the Nile River or they’ll give us a Barry Bonds apology stating how sorry they are and “we didn’t knowingly harbor racist like “Doug” & his claims are completely false”…Look forward to this getting real interesting b/c I do. I’ll keep you all posted


UPDATE: These accusations have since be proved to be false. Read here

  • djfillmatic

    I work at Belo, there’s no Doug.

  • djfillmatic

    He also mentions working at 4 clubs as the GM/Event coordinator that are 3 different companies. This would be frowned upon and is very unrealistic.

  • Subec

    If this story is false, in an effort to salvage their name they really should consider issuing an immediate statement denouncing these claims. Just saying.

  • abohannon

    Might want to verify this story before you write about it. This image has been shown to be fake. The entire thing is fabricated. No news here.
    *Reddit thread about this story with proof that the image is photoshopped (you’ll also notice the original poster deleted their account after being revealed):

  • GregGorelick

    Just add the gratuity, problem solved. KIDDING (maybe). Oh btw, this is an obvious fake, and it’s been debunked. Let’s just believe everything on the internet.

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  • Bigmiggy619

    Belo is kept open due to ex San Diego Police Department Vice Cop Ernie Encinas, I worked for Ernie wth Coastline Protection and Investigations for 6 months and got to see first hand what happens when a cop gets put on a pedestal and given money and free range to do whatever he likes.  I’ve seen Ernie cheat on his wife, make calls to other women, accept cash for keeping the Vice and SDPD at bay.

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