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Lyrical Skoolyard with Blu 5/10/12

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Lyrical Skoolyard is back on May 10th @ Boar Cross’n featuring BLU ,Mr. Brady, Future Friends, We Da West Camp, Scatterbrain, Brother Nature, and more. This event will also have a live B-Boy, Painting, and Graffiti Expo. Definitely something you don’t want to miss if you in SD. Free before 9pm, $10 after some come enjoy some real Hip-Hop.

Boar Cross’n
390 Grand Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 729-2989

5&A Dime x Brother Nature BTS Video shoot

Update: Final Project…

5&A Dime x Brother Nature: Riches and Rags Spring ’12 Video Look Book from TheChaosBunch on Vimeo.

BTS: 5&A Dime Ft. Brother Nature/Piff PCH Part 1 from Hanuit!!! on Vimeo.

5&A Dime x Brother Nature have collaborated bringing us the best of both worlds by turning 5D’s video project not only into a lookbook for their upcoming shirt release(s), but also making it into a new video by SD’s own Brother Nature feat. Piff and Julie Mai. Above/Below is video/photo coverage both by Hanuit. Props to Jay @ 5D, J Wallace, Bam, Piff, Dauche, Hanuit, Nick Lamm, Billy, Piff, Julie Mai, Jason of Targa Trophy, Jay Dread, Mike, and everyone else involved not mentioned. SD Stand Up!!!!!

Music: Piff PCH “Bossy” and “Stripper Shit.” Sound clips from Bat Kave and Adam Santoya.


Brother Nature – Gramas Cookin(prod by Rob Viktum)

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BN flick

Here’s newest single from Brother Nature is Gramas Cookin’ produced by Rob Viktum. Look out for the music video for the single coming in the next month or so. #SupportSDHipHop

Download here

String Theory starring Brother Nature (5/29)

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If you liked Brother Nature on the cipher you should take the time to see them live at Kadan this coming Saturday.  Its always good to show support for out local emcees out there.  Also be on the look out for Brother Nature being featured on our mixtape that is in the works with DJ Kali and A07′s DJ ETC.

A07 x Shop Overload Cipher

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A07 x Shop Overload Cipher from BeautyInTheHood on Vimeo.

Just what we have all been waiting for A07 x Shop Overload Cipher. What we bring you has never been overlooked as deep as it has today. We decided to take it in our hands and show the world what we carry. We finally let the light shine. The soul’s that were there were definitely affected by this movement in the most positive way.

The artist explain who they are and show love for what they do. Brother Nature – (Real J Wallace x Bam Circa 86) , Ta’East, Cairo Mayeson, and Piff talk about upcoming projects and shortly cover San Diego’s Hip-Hop scene as a whole.

Contact Artist:
Real J Wallace
Bam Circa 86
Cairo Mayeson
Shop Overload

5&ADime presents: Brother Nature – Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Mixtape

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peeped it from the 5&ADime blog site, and we decided to show support. peep the mixtape here

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