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Supra Pistol “Deathwish”

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Supra has dropped there newest addition to limited kicks the “death wish” This colorway of the Supra Pistol was inspired by motor cycle clubs with Erik Ellington and Jim Greco in mind these low cut waxed suede skaters are chock full of little details that make them special including Deathwish patches, heel embroidery and graphic insoles. You can find them Here

Vans Vault Chukka

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I find it funny how all shoe brands are now coming out with there own Chukka but you gotta always show love to Vans when they drop there Chukka. You can now buy these on select websites and select stores this show color way is a Light bone with a Buckleback vary clean shoe might find these in my closet lol peace


Rich&Rude Official Release Party @ Overload Skate Shop

April 22, 2010 by  
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We have teamed up with our family over at Rich&Rude, Overload Skateshop, 9five Eyewear, Adio, & Red Bull to bring you this event which will debut the first design from R&R’s “SUCK MY DECK” 3Deck SkateBoard Series and 2 New Tshirt designs. If your not here then your not SD. This is going to be extra live so come celebrate with us…

New Diamond Supply Co. available at Overload Skateshop

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Overload Skateshop added some new product to their website this morning and it just so happened to be Diamond Supply Co. A brand that is beyond a buzz and speaks for itself. This brand is one of the most progressive brands in street wear at this very moment. Ladies if you are wondering what to get your man, brother, uncle, nephew, WHOEVER for christmas cop some Diamond Supply gear, matter of fact make sure you shop at Overload Skateshop for great deals on some great brands.

shop now


BLACK FRIDAY Sale @ Overload Skateshop (San Diego)

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black friday
BLACK FRIDAY is near, and we all know what that is like. . . heaven and hell at the same time, a love/hate relationship with shopping. Trust, you do not want to miss what Overload Skateshop has to offer. Remember: 30% to 70% off of the entire store on November 27th starting at 7 a.m. Early arrival is suggested (like it says on the flyer) so in other words, DO NOT wait till the last minutes to see what ‘bargains’ you can find, it will be too late. Head over to Overload Skateshop early & you’ll catch the A07 fam ready to shop shop shop ! & possibly doing some coverage on the craziness . . . you never know we are everywhere !

3064 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 296-9018
Monday – Friday: 11-7
Saturday: 11-7
Sunday: 12 – 5

Overloaded with Aaron Churder

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A07 – So introduce yourself and give us a little bit of background history…
Aaron – My name is Aaron Churder. I own Overload Skateshop and the Chula Vista Skatepark. When I first moved to San Diego the shop was here and I live right behind it and I always wanted to be a part of it.

A07 – Okay give us a bit of background on the shop itself.
Aaron – Overload actually opened in ’99-2000 and was half distributor and half skateshop. The skateshop was about 600 Sqft. I ended becoming friends with the owner and I would let him do shoe sales at the skatepark. After a while I let him know that I would be willing to take over the shop if he ever closed because I had an idea for it. Before the way it is now, it used to be super hesh.

A07 – Okay. Well, the shops always been here not you. What made you want to move? Why San Diego?
Aaron – I’m from Temecula. I moved to Utah then when I got an opportunity to open a skatepark, I moved to San Diego.

A07 – What got you into the street culture?
Aaron – I grew up in the street culture. When I was a kid I use to love Fresh Jive, Stussy, and now 15-20 years later, my friends are the ones that started the brands and it just made sense. I’ve always been of fan of the brands though.

A07 – What are some of your favorite brands out there?
Aaron – I like a lot of the bigger brands like LRG, Obey, and Johnny Cupcakes. I think Supra’s on top of their game and one of my absolute favorites is Rouge Status.

A07 – Right now you have two locations, one being in North Park and the other being in Chula Vista. Do you plan on opening any other locations and if so, where?
Aaron – I looked at opening one in L.A on Fairfax but I’m too poor[laughs]. I’m more interested in online right now though and strengthening that. I already have two stores and with the retail experience I’ve gained, more doors doesn’t mean more money.

A07 – Let’s talk trade shows. What is your take on shows such as ASR, Agenda, Magic and how do they affect your business?
Aaron – I think it’s fun to party but being in Southern California and with all the companies being down here, I don’t think it’s necessary to pre-book any booths at trade shows. It’s more to just go and have fun.

A07 – When someone walks into your store, what should they expect when they walk in?
Aaron – A friendly staff, clean stores, and constant changes like the store art and new product. We also have a few goofy things such as stripper pole now and a loft.

A07 – What would you say is your most rewarding experience in owning your own business?
Aaron – I think the fact that people like to come back. It’s hard owning your own business so you appreciate every customer. It’s cool when kids come in and rather buy the a Overload board or ask for the stickers and that’s just the branding. Also learning how the the business works and getting to know a company.

A07 – What separates Overload Skateshop from its competitors?
Aaron – I think in a local market we carry more product and we have a variety from price point stuff to high end street wear, from affordable to limited shoes. We just have more selection. I think that model of a boutique with eight shirts and one pair of shoes is old. In my opinion, it doesn’t work for business.

A07 – If you could change something in the retail industry, what would it be?
Aaron – I think the respect of other stores around you and not carrying the same products if your walking distance away from each other. Also, for companies to tighten up their distribution and honor contracts. I think you[stores] should be exclusive dealers of a particular product within a certain amount of miles and not feet. I think when you can get a “limited” item at four different stores within two miles it kind of takes the “limited” factor away from it.

A07 – If someone wanted to get in touch how would they go about doing that?
Aaron – I’m always at the store or the skatepark building ramps. There’s the site, the blog, and our Twitter @ShopOverload.

A07 – How long have been building ramps?
Aaron – 17 years

A07 – It seems like when streetwear brands considered “underground” go “mainstream” it’s looked down upon. What are your thoughts on that and how do you stay true to the Overload brand?
Aaron – I think I stay true to the brand living the way I live. My wife and I come here to work everyday and we’re passionate about it but at the same time this is our livelihood and if the opportunity arises where I can to support more, sell more and employ friends I’m cool with that.

A07 – What do you think of when you hear the word “rise” and how have you risen?
Aaron – Going up…the hardest part about it is being hated on by other people doing the same thing as me like their more entitled to run a business than I am but you just rise above it and laugh it off.

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